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Backstage passes and heated glances. Life as a rockstar is one party after another. But can life on the road lead to the love of your life?

Read sixteen sexy stories of what happens in the spotlight and when the lights go out. Brought to you by USA Today best-selling and award-winning romance authors, in a rockstar collection curated by The New Romance Cafe.


Arell Rivers

Chelle Pimblott

Claire Marti

CM Peters

Debra Deasey

Harper Michaels

Katie Baldwin

Kenna Shaw Reed

Laura M. Baird

Leila Coltyn

Megan Hetherington

Ofelia Martinez

S L Hollister

Serafina Jax

Tirza Schaefer

Toni Bolton

My story, Highland Rock, in this anthology is set in the Hot Scots world and features Millie and Lennox. 


My dad has gone into rehab and left me, a classical pianist, to pick up the pieces with the rock band he manages. The timing is impeccable. Not only have I been offered a position at Julliard’s composition faculty but the band are about to embark on a world tour. Their first in two years.

Oh, and the lead singer of the band, he’s the icing on the cake. I’ve not seen him since he was my teenage fantasy. But, when his eyes roam over my grown up and very curvy body, I realise there’s more than a job offer at stake.


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