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Wilder Brother #4

Finally, Lincoln’s story. The last of the Wilder brothers.

The baby of the family. The enigmatic one, who’s different from the other Wilder brothers.  

He seems to have it all sewn up, emotions that is. Expressing it with artistic flair through his painting. 

But is it enough, when a revelation floors him, putting everything he thought to be true into question?



My Mom often told me it was okay to be different. And I agreed.

I’m nothing like my brothers.

I don’t need to be like them.

I don’t even need to be liked by them.

I’m perfectly happy doing my own thing, in my own way.

For that, everyone mistakes me for being lonely, far from it. 

I’m a loner, not lonely. 

I don’t need other people. 

Or so I thought. 

Until my belief system was pulled like a rug from under my feet.

That’s when I needed someone like Anna.



I’m not ready for a date and don’t know if I ever will be.

Least of all someone like Lincoln.

But he appears when I need someone the most.

He seems to have it all under control.

And at a time when I feel ugly and lacking self-worth, he makes me feel beautiful again.