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An inked fighter

Mother to his child.

A debt he has to pay off.

And a decision she has to make. 



Seven years ago I swore not to do anything stupid and return the same man.

My heartfelt promise was soon forgotten as I strived to survive the hell-hole of a Mexican prison. 

And now I’m back, not by choice, I have a debt to pay. 

But there’s a complication. 

And even though it was obvious at some point I would see her, I never planned for it to be like this. Or for her to look the way she does. A beautiful woman with curves in all the right places and wearing a dress that makes her look as hot as a fucking poker. 

Nor did I expect an immediate spark between us. And from thirty feet it looks a whole lot like desire.

Fuck. This complicates everything.

Every. Fucking. Thing.



I’ve learned to live without him, scratch that, I’ve learned to live. 

But he’s always there. 

Every day I’ve looked into eyes as unique as his. Run my hand through hair the same shade and trailed a fingertip across lips with the same texture. 

There’s no mistaking who my daughter’s father is. 

And it taunts and rewards me every single day. 

I could never forget him even if I tried.

But now he’s back, and the dark, lustful glint in his eye is terrifying. I’ve never had anything as intense directed at me.

He’s too much of a man now. Or beast.


If you like spicy romance reads with suspenseful twists then you’ll love this full-length standalone from Megan Hetherington.

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