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A Wilder Bros Romance Book #1


I rule online fitness, or that's what my social media fans tell me.

Pity I don't have someone to share the success with - the trips around the world, the romantic beaches...or at least my bed in one of those fancy hotels.

That's one aspect my brothers are beating me at and the rivalry between us, is what drives me to be better. The best.

There's one girl that's caught my eye though... and other parts of my anatomy. I call her the Princess, but she's apparently off limits. 

Limits - what are they?

I didn't get where I am today by taking what I'm given. No, I take what I want.



I'm going to throttle that 'friend' of mine. This is no prize! Sweating my ass off for what? To become a hottie and land a date with someone other than a guy of my parents' choosing.

I suppose there are some perks to being his personal fitness winner.

Those muscle bound arms.

The shape of his back.

The way sweat trickles down the lines on his stomach.

Hah. It’s hilarious how my fantasies have no bounds. Never with the guy next door, or a colleague at work.

I work in IT for goodness sake. I’ve never even had a second date. Why would a celebrity find me attractive?


He loves being the center of attention.

She hides in a hoodie.

He’s a muscle-bound fitness god.

She’s an IT geek.


Who knows why opposites attract.

Who cares as long as they are there for each other.

Through the darkest of days and the most traumatic of accidents. One that changes lives… forever.

If you like spicy romance reads with suspenseful twists then you’ll love this series from Megan Hetherington

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