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Is there ever a good reason to stand up your sweetheart on prom night?

Because if there is, I have a second chance.

And if not... then I'll leave Gunner Ridge for good and resign myself to never loving a man again.

Stepping up to my family responsibilities, I return to my childhood home and face every painful memory head on.

At the pinnacle of my anxiety is Blue Corrigan, who has grown into the man of my dreams. Topped in a Stetson and kicking life as a rancher with his dust-covered cowboy boots, he's my ultimate fantasy.

But there's one problem.

He hates me.

And so he should.

I left seven years ago on the night of our prom with a justifiable reason that I couldn't let him in on. And understandably he's moved on.

Is there a place for me in his new life, or should I fulfil my family duties and then leave this small town forever?


If you like spicy romance reads with suspenseful twists then you’ll love this novella from Megan Hetherington

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