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A Wilder Bros Romance Book #3

Meet the third brother in the Wilder Brothers Romance Series, Miles. 

A snowboarder living life one thrill at a time.

His best friend was his lover. Can he cope losing both?


My stomach leaps in the way it always does when I see him. It’s as if it’s the first time I’ve laid eyes on him. Every. Damn. Time

The way he kisses me like there’s no-one else there.

My senses are so refined to him, all he has to do is threaten to touch me and I come undone.

But then, when he casually says he doesn’t remember the first day we met and isn’t interested in planning our future.

I bail out.


Our kisses are long and slow, perfected over the last thirteen years. Each one indulged in as if it is our first… or last.

We don’t have a conventional relationship - I don’t leave her soppy little notes or buy her flowers. But she makes me whole and I’m lost without her.

But she’s gone now.

And bile sours my mouth when I picture them kissing or having sex, and I nearly throw up when I think about her confiding in him about stuff that matters to her.

Because that should be me.

Her best friend.

If you like spicy romance reads with suspenseful twists then you’ll love this series from Megan Hetherington

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