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Ever loved someone more than life itself? It sucks.

My momma named me Lemon because she wanted my life to be full of sunshine and to be sweet like soda, but for a long while now it's been the sour, cheek sucking kind.

All because of one man. Blue Corrigan. 

After months of wishing my life away, the crack of a gun has reset my inner switch and my future stretches before me.

But there’s a police officer in my way. Proud, authoritative and sexy as… And he wants me. Actually, he’s always wanted me.

He’s my childhood friend and I’ve never considered him the love of my life but he’s better for me than the man who is. I’m just not sure there’s enough of me left to give to him.

So it’s time to make a decision. Do I follow my heart or follow a new found independence?

And will that gun shot stop me from doing either?

If you like spicy romance reads with suspenseful twists then you’ll love this series from Megan Hetherington

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