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A Wilder Bros Romance Book #2

When a top-ranked golf player crosses the line and is set to lose his professional golf status, he has no choice but to hire a psychologist to sort out his game.

But when his confidence slides, it becomes obvious it’s more than his swing that needs attention.

Because without confidence what else is there left?



I just need some help with my headspace to get my game back on form. 

I’m no sex addict and there’s no way woman are at the crux of my problem.

Okay it might be my father leaving me at a vulnerable age, but it’s got nothing to do with women. 

Why would it? I love women.



He’s an arrogant, entitled ignoramus who holds no respect for women.

But he’s got to me. 

I knew before he entered my office he would be irritatingly handsome and annoyingly well groomed. 

I thought I had immunity from that sort of attraction when it was cloaked in an air of arrogance.

It seems I don’t.

If you like spicy romance reads with suspenseful twists then you’ll love this series from Megan Hetherington

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